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King Saud University, took on the responsibility of spreading the culture of knowledge and innovation in the community as well as to convert innovative research ideas and distinctive to successful projects with added value for the Saudi economy.


Where innovation has become essential to diversify the sources of income of the communities. So it has established the King Saud University Innovation Center to be supportive statute of the innovators and provide them with a favorable environment for intellectual excellence and scientific creativity.





The vision of the Innovation Center is to become the national focal center for inspiration, innovation, and entrepreneurship.




The mission of the IC is to encourage innovators to contribute to the service of the society, to transform innovative ideas and inventions into products with an economic value, and to upgrade the university to the level of the regionally and globally distinguished universities in the areas of creativity and innovation. The IC will accomplish the outreach objectives by acting as a conduit between students with bright ideas, companies, and faculty, and by providing adequate scientific assistance and resources to support new concepts and innovative ideas.




1 - To promote innovation in the University community.

2 - To encourage the students of the university to submit their ideas and to turn them into innovations of an economic value.

3 - To disseminate the culture of innovation and outreach to the faculty members, staff, students, and community.

4 - To facilitate the application, transfer, and exploitation of innovative ideas.

5 - To contribute to the transfer of promising innovations from the university to the industry.

6 - To stimulate innovators and invest in their innovations and talents for the service of society.

7 - To market innovations and distinguished research ideas.

8 - To strengthen the relationship between the university, investors, and innovators.

9 - To provide employment opportunities for innovators.

10 - To support specific research projects that start with an innovative idea.

11 - To engender the culture of entrepreneurship among KSU's faculty, staff and students.


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