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Young people have greatest impact, as a workforce, on jobs opportunities, they are considered to be the most ambitious segment of the society to immediately be aware of any change. Hence, they are, therefore, mostly affected through their interaction and response to the education and technology deliverables. All this is because of the traits and characteristics of young people – the continuous search for change and innovations and advocating views that let them feel they are no longer minor children. Given the aforementioned facts, it was imperative that the cultural, educational and social institutions should draft a plan for a better youth future and ought to establish a specialized center to study and tackle the concerns with the aim of monitoring, studying and analyzing their current and future concerns and issues, arrive at scientific solutions to their problems and formulate appropriate recommendations that best serve them and their community. All these efforts culminated in the issuance of the royal cable message No. 1086, dated 26/01/1428AH, by the custodian of the two holy mosques, the chairman of the council of ministers, the chairman of the board of higher education – May Allah Guard him against all harms - approving the decision of the higher education council No. 9/44/1427 dated 21/10/1427AH, regarding the establishment of the National Center for Youth Studies (NCYS).





The NCYS should be a qualitative national reference place for youth related issues and concerns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.





Effective contribution to youth related issues through researches and studies – by providing consultations, specialized date, suggesting the appropriate scientific solutions and the qualitative programs with the highest professionalism degree.





1 - Delivering specialized scientific research studies on a wide range of topical youth issues either     through using specialists that are attached to the center or in collaboration and partnership with other specialist research institutions


2 - Observe and study youth related social issues, phenomena and problems that have an impact on their social and psychological well-being and then giving suggestions and recommendations about improving or addressing the problems/issues


3 - Doing evaluative research and become acquitted with certain areas of excellence and weakness. Also give practical and scientific suggestions and provide solution focused arguments to remedy them


4 - To study the establishment of a national youth project whose primary objective would be to act as a caring agent in order to help the youth deal with their issues and problems.


5 - Setting up information and databases about youth related issues and problems that affect them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also to update and share this information with other agencies that work within the multi-agency approach on youth matters.


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