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Riyadh Incubation Center



Riyadh Incubation Center contributes to the transformation towards a knowledge-based national economy. The center offers administrative, technical, scientific and investment support to help create profitable viable businesses out of research outcomes and technology innovations.





Leadership in technology innovation based business incubation.





Development of technology innovations into commercial products and viable businesses through supporting innovators in building and growing their startups.





  1. Fostering, growing and settlement of technology innovation and development in contribution to the economic development of the kingdom.

  2. Encouraging and supporting innovators through business incubation services.

  3. Transformation of innovations into commercial products and viable businesses.

  4. Building the required environment to help grow new ventures and offering the needed support to minimize the seed stage risks.

  5. Enabling the effective collaboration among investors and incubatees.

  6. Establishing the necessary cooperation and integration relationship among the member innovators and entrepreneurs.

  7. Supporting the creation of new job opportunities through entrepreneurship support.


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