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Administration of Scientific Societies



King Saud University seeks through Administration of Scientific Societies to develop Scientific, professional and research performance of these associations and to facilitate Its work, and to provide advice management in various fields, in addition to achieving Communication between university administration and professional organs and institutions, And development of research outputs, and work on activated in order to achieve desired goals.




To present Administration of Scientific Societies, administrative Model in achieving the goals of scientific socities and organization procedure and facilitate its Work in accordance with the provisions of the rules govering to scientific societies.




Providing consulting and direct supervision of scientific societies of King Saud University.




1 - Development of scientific and professional performance of scientific societies.

2 -  Present management advice in various fields of scientific societies.

3 - Facilitate work of scientific societies to achieve members service and its employees and community.

4 - Achieve communication between the scientific societies, university administration and professional organs and institutions.

5 - Development of research outputs of scientific societies in specialization field, and work on development and reactivation.


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