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Advanced Manufacturing Institute



The industrial sector is a vital source of national economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is considered a strategic choice to diversify income sources in the Kingdom. Industries are keys to a knowledge-based economy, where modern technologies use innovation to develop value-added products. The vision of the industry in the Kingdom promotes competition with global industries on the basis of creativity and innovation in order to convert national resources into sustainable wealth. Universities must support the industrial sector as a foundation for a knowledge-based economy, and to enhance its competitiveness and technology transfer capabilities. King Saud University (KSU) responded to strategic national requirements and placed industrial research and development among its top priorities in KSU’S Strategic Plan 2030. Engineering design and manufacturing has become a focus area of ongoing efforts, in which technology transfer and innovation are a significant source of added value, and where effective technological support is provided to various industrial sectors in the Kingdom with many advanced products, materials, machines and spare parts processing and re-manufacturing. The Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) at KSU was established in 1433H (2012) as an expansion of the Program of Manufacturing Technology Transfer. The AMI serves the industrial sector, which undoubtedly represents a vital source of the national economy, and provides support to other civilian and military sectors. It aims to expand the achieved technical capabilities and technological facilities in order to serve a wider range of industrial clients as well as provide enhanced training, student supervision, and research-based innovative solutions to various manufacturing, design and material processing problems.




To become the leading institute in advanced manufacturing technologies and systems across the region with internationally recognized capabilities.




To advance the state-of-the-art in advanced manufacturing technologies through advanced research and development activities, national and international collaborations, specialized consultancy and training services, professional development of engineering students, and active engagement with industry and community to deliver high quality solutions to design and manufacturing problems.




1 - To achieve research and development excellence in product design and manufacturing using advanced computer-aided systems capabilities and modern facilities for design, testing, manufacturing and quality assurance of products, spare parts and materials.

2 - To contribute to professional development of students and engineers via contributions to academic courses, training, workshops, graduate thesis supervision, case-studies and projects relating to design, manufacturing and inspection.

3 - To maintain in-house high quality research and development capabilities by recruiting and retaining distinguished expertise in advanced manufacturing areas as well as collaborating and interacting with leading national and international expertise in the field.

4 - To engage in continual collaborations with local civilian and military industries and to develop a community partnership targeted at developing and delivering effective and innovative solutions to design and manufacturing problems.

5 - To develop and sustain partnerships with national, regional, and international design and manufacturing institutions in order to create networks for knowledge-sharing and fruitful research and development participation.


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