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Scientific Research Deanship



It is known that the main functions of the university are teaching and research and prepare and qualify graduates to serve the government, private sectors, and the community in general. There is no doubt that the scientific research is the second pillar of the university after teaching, because they are primarily responsible for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the renewal and development in various fields of humanitarian, natural, and applied research, and because the university by  nature, location, and its role is the crucible that scientific outcome pours in, and then must be qualified for the leadership and able to lead the scientific research, as long as it has the basic quality units and interaction climate, creativity, and development. On the basis of these principles, King Saud University has given, since its inception, all the care and attention to the development of scientific research in various fields of knowledge to become a prominent tributary of thought and research not only within the kingdom, but also regionally and globally.




Achieve leadership in scientific research, creativity, and innovation in various fields of knowledge.




Encourage outstanding research work through the creation of an attractive and stimulating environment, supporting excellence and innovation for researchers in all fields of knowledge to achieve global leadership.




1 - Preparation and implementation of the strategic plan for scientific research at the university.

2 - Raise the level of research work.

3 - Encourage talented innovators in the research work.

4 - Simplifying work procedures and to facilitate cooperation with research centers in the faculties of the university.

5 - Contact local and international centers of research and develop cooperation with them.

6 - Devote the concept of quality and continuous improvement in the deanship activities.




1 - Propose an annual research plan for the university, and preparing the draft budget the it needs for submission to the Scientific Council.

2 - Propose regulations, rules, and governing procedures which control the movement of scientific research at the university.

3 - Approval of the research projects and studies and follow-up their implementation, arbitration, and finance them according to the rules governing it.

4 - Propose relevant planning methods with various research centers outside the university and to cooperate with them.

5 - Coordination of work between research centers at the university, work to eliminate duplication in their performance, and encourage joint research between departments and colleges to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of available materials.

6 - Recommend approval of the publication of research that it finds to be published after arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules and publishing at the university.

7 - To encourage faculty members and other researchers and urge them to conduct innovative scientific research, and the creation of research and potential means to them, especially those who are scientifically on full time sabbatical, and enable them to finish their research in an appropriate scientific atmosphere .

8 - Organization of the communication process with research centers outside the university, local and foreign, and develop of cooperation with them to take advantage of all that is modern.

9 - Create a database of ongoing and completed research at the university, and exchange research information with universities and other research centers.

10 - Study of the annual report and the final account of the activity of scientific research in the university, in preparation for submission to the vice rector for graduate studies and scientific research.

11 - Supervision and follow-up research funded by other sectors outside the university that fall within its competence.

12 - The formation of specialized committees of members or others as needed.

13 - Study of what is transmitted from the rector or the vice rector for graduate studies and scientific research.


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