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Deanship Of Graduate Studies



Graduate studies at King Saud University began in the academic year 1973-1974, Faculty of Arts-Department of Arabic Language. Proceeding from the university's interest in providing the specialized higher education to meet the needs of the Kingdom of qualified talents who have high academic degrees, the university council approved the establishment of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in its session held on 21/11/1978, also the royal approval to establish a college was issued on 6/1/1979 which has been modified its name to the Graduate Studies dated 20/10/1997.


The unified regulation for postgraduate studies the role of deanship of graduate studies in the supervision and monitoring of all matters relating to the status of graduate students from admission to the various programs and ending in their fulfillment to class requirements and submitting to the university council the request to give them a master's or doctorate degree.  The Deanship of Graduate Studies oversees more than ( 100 ) MA, Ph.D., and a fellowship programs in all disciplines, humanitarian, scientific, and health. These programs vary in terms of how to study, some of them adopt the option of courses and thesis, and others are based on study courses only. Also, the Deanship of Graduate Studies began during the past two years in providing parallel master's programs in various disciplines in colleges of business administration and education.


Graduate Studies oversees through its council represented by all colleges, on the introduction and development of graduate programs through approved scientific mechanisms. The Deanship of Graduate Studies in coordination with all the colleges and departments is keen to follow up and reviewed all programs on an ongoing basis and work to attract discerning students in order to upgrade the progress of these programs to the level of international universities. The other tasks of the Deanship of Graduate Studies concentrate on overseeing the procedures for graduate students starting with student acceptance and procedures related to the study until graduation through integrated administrative units. The deanship is also keen to provide academic guidance and counseling appropriate for graduate students at the university. The deanship is currently working on the establishment of the council for graduate students to contribute in the activities and working with deanship to make university a suitable structure for graduate studies and research. In addition, the deanship tends to involve other segments of society in its support more through the formation and advisory board from outside the university for graduate studies at King Saud University.


The deanship cares to communicate and cooperate with all local and international universities in everything related to graduate studies; university started putting up a joint program with the University of Leeds in the curricula and methods of teaching English, in addition to the joint supervision between some university departments and other international universities. In this context, the deanship was able to join the Council of deanships of Graduate Studies and in North America in order to benefit from the expertise of the international universities in the development and improvement of the quality of student actions and study programs.




To be pioneers in the higher education sector at the global level , seriously pursuing to find knowledge and discovery, and the ability to think rationally and objectively.





Encourage academic excellence and support it at the level of higher education within the university, and the related areas of teaching, research, and other specialized activities, that would lead to the emergence of new knowledge acquisition and dissemination, as well as the preparation of distinguished researchers and owners of jurisdiction; to work within an inspiring and diverse environment.





1 - To provide and promote specialized graduate programs, which are able to compete globally, and contribute to fill the need for inter-disciplinary, and help to intellectual development, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and achieve success for the student.

2 - To attract graduate students with efficiency and high mental capacity and enthusiasm, care for, and maintain them.

3 - Promote research which is characterized by authenticity and high quality.

4 - Strengthening cooperation between programs and related colleges, and increasing opportunities for inter-disciplinary programs.

5 - Establish efficient strategic partnerships in higher education on the national and global levels.

6 - Increase and strengthen the infrastructure and financial support needed to push the march of higher education and continuing progress.

7 - Strengthening the administrative infrastructure for the Deanship of Graduate Studies.


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