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Deanship of Libraries Affairs



King Saud University has established its libraries in order to contribute to the three goals of the university, education, scientific research and community service. This is why it is said that the university is made up of three elements, a student, a professor, and a library which is the beating heart of the university. The library provides different services, including availability of sources of information to the student, the faculty member, and the community.


The deanship was established in 1974, and university libraries have become an academic representative entity of the University Council, after it was known as libraries department.


The deanship oversees technically and administratively all library affairs in the university in Riyadh, including all central and branch libraries; In addition to the technical divisions, administrative, and support services, as they are responsible for organizing book fairs. Also they participate in distribution of publications issued by the university, in addition to representing the university on national, regional, and international level.




To be a distinct academic library, and the best in the region..




Contribute to enable the university to provide high quality of education and research to serve the community through the quality of IT services. This case can be achieved by using the owned advanced systems and distinct human resources in addition to the meaningful community partnerships.




The application of international quality standards for the development of university libraries and information sources. 


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:53am