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SABIC Research Program




Today, scientific research has become one of the most important assets in the progress and development of nations thanks to its role in bringing development at all levels; industrial, economic, agricultural, medical, etc. Realizing the instrumentality of scientific research in this regard, KSU took upon itself to devise a variety of programs in order to help support and advance scientific research, assimilate technology and transfer it to the university via partnership with the research centers and major firms.


It is in this context that partnership between the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and KSU came to exist as an attempt on the part of the latter to raise the level of its contributions in transferring technology to the industrial milieu and as a response to the needs of such a manufacturing company in the industrial and technological areas. This is to be carried out by involving professors, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students at KSU in the research process related to the Corporation’s areas of specialization.



Building a phenomenal partnership towards securing a world-class status in the research areas related to chemical manufacturing



Developing and promoting collaboration in the fields of science and research with SABIC through the support and consolidation of applied scientific research and scientific studies in order to help transfer technology to the industrial milieu and achieve global leadership for SABIC by conducting scientific research in the concerned areas.



  1. Defining SABIC’s grants at KSU and its research priorities.
  2. Promoting applied research and studies in areas of priority for SABIC.
  3. Technology transfer and assimilation.
  4. Creating incentives for researchers in order to encourage them to develop and create industrial technologies and catalysts.
  5. Helping enhance SABIC’s industrial potentials to face off prospective challenges.
  6. Supporting and promoting the educational and research process by involving graduate and undergraduate students in research.
  7. Supporting KSU’s infrastructure.


Implementation Mechanisms

  1. Maintaining communication with the researchers through the University news bulletin, SABIC’s websites, e-mail and SMS messages.
  2. Forming a specialized scientific committee for refereeing research proposals as well as ensuring their quality and their consonance with SABIC’s priorities.
  3. Forming a financial committee to monitor payment of financial dues in accordance with the budget sanctioned for each project.
  4. Issuing a periodical scientific news bulletin containing abstracts of the research papers that have been published as part of the research work supported by SABIC.
  5. Organizing a periodical workshop in order to show the research findings.
  6. Creating an electronic portal comprising:
  • An electronic system for receiving and refereeing research proposals.
  • An electronic system for checking the originality of research and reports.
  • A special website for technical reports and published research papers.

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