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Scientific Journals Unit



In an effort to promote King Saud University and to enhance its stature we developed the long term objectives of scientific research by ​​rehabilitating and further developing the scientific journals of the University within the framework of outstanding publishing. Our endeavors have raised the status of the university and thus allowed her to represent the scientific journals it publishes with an impact factor which is often used in evaluating and monitoring the level of scientific research and innovation of the global universities. From this standpoint the University is currently publishing and printing sixteen scientific journals which are supervised by the Elsevier Group and of which five journals have recently been included in the global indexing service known as Thomson Reuters (TR).




Leadership and Distinction in International Scientific Journals.




Enhancing the University reputation and achieving its objectives through the scientific publication of the University which aims to serve the society and contribute towards the building of the knowledge economy.




1 - Develop the University specialist Journals to publish the products of members of teaching authority and researchers.

2 - Attract the authors to publish their works in Scientific Journals.

3 - Contribute to insert the University Journals in international classification.

4 - Consolidating the cooperation and integration of the scientific journals within similar disciplines.

5 - Extend the publication and distribution base to save researchers and beneficiaries.

6 - Contribute to constantly support the international scientific citation and communications. 

7 - Confirm the observation of best international standards of publication and avoid the weakness points in Journals.

8 - Collaborating with Elsevier to periodically review the technical and administrative results of the scientific journals.

9 - Allowing the free exchange and dissemination of scientific journals international databases.


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